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Kudos to Reggie McNeal, who is out to return us from Churchianity to Christianity. Read this book to understand that the church is not a club, but a launching pad; that discipleship’s about a direction (following Jesus), not a doctrine; and that the gospel story’s star is God, not your church. May Kingdom Come help us recalibrate so that we may live out the Abrahamic call to bless our cities and the nations.
Author of Kingdom Calling

In Kingdom Come, Reggie McNeal masterfully does what we’ve come to expect of him: intersecting the path of our past with the reality of the present in order to guide and challenge us toward a new and better direction for the future. Why listen to him? He looks out the window, sees what most of us are too busy to see, and challenges us to new thinking.
Cofounder and director, Exponential

Kingdom Come can transform our country’s education system! Reggie McNeal inspires Kingdom growth in our schools and communities with examples of people who are partnering with God and their local schools. Classroom teachers alone cannot meet the educational, health, and social needs of all children. It takes a Kingdom approach. Practical and stirring advice on how to be on mission with God with issues that stir your heart.
Executive director, South Carolina Education Oversight Committee

Are we, as the church, supposed to get our hands dirty in the pressing issues of our communities? If the Kingdom is essentially “life as God intends for it to be,” as Reggie McNeal contends so convincingly in this book, and if we see that our community is not as God intends, then we have our answer. In that light, the church is no longer the end; it is the means.
President, Meet the Need

I appreciated reading Reggie McNeal’s Kingdom Come. As usual with this author, I felt alternately affirmed, challenged, and occasionally bothered by his candid insights on the church and contemporary culture. It reads like a manifesto for mission, calling for Christian leaders to seriously consider the true Kingdom impact their ministry is having on the community they are called to serve.
Commissioner of the Eastern Territory, Salvation Army USA

Reggie gives us a compelling thesis on unlocking the congregation’s social power from within today’s churches. He offers a blueprint for building greater Kingdom communities, where congregations find spiritual fulfillment in Kingdom service. Imagine the strength of church foundations built on the rocks of its people’s collaborative spirit and on mission work with and for the community. The Kingdom can come, and never has the need been greater.
Global supply chain production lead, Monsanto