The Kingdom of God.  Reggie explores the “gospel of the Kingdom” in terms of what it means for people and for the church.  It’s all about life – and the extent that God will go to in order for us to experience this life.

Moving from a Church-Centric to a Kingdom-Centric Worldview.  Reggie contends that this shift can be likened from moving from a Ptolemaic to a Copernican universe. The center of gravity shifts,and the points of reference change significantly. Making this shift is the single largest challenge to the North American church.

The Missional Church Movement.  For the past twenty years this has been the most significant conversation taking place in the Western church. Reggie explores the biblical underpinnings for this movement as well as its implications for being church better, along with the necessary shifts that leaders must make.

Leading a Movement.  Leading a movement requires different leadership skills and competencies than does managing an institution. Missional leaders need to know the necessary ingredients for bringing about the cultural shift they seek.

Building Cross-Domain Collaborations for Community Development.  The church needs to call a party in every community that brings together leaders of all sectors (business, government, health care, education, etc.) to move the needle on big societal problems that plague our communities. Church leaders typically are not equipped for this task. Reggie explores the necessary elements for launching and sustaining efforts that unbundle the social capital in communities for community development.

The Leader’s Self-Awareness.  Reggie contends that self-awareness is the single most important body of information that a leader possesses. In this presentation he highlights the key elements of exploration that leaders must make to improve their knowledge of their biggest challenge – themselves.

Disciplines of Greatness.  Great leaders don’t just happen. They practice lifelong habits and disciplines that enable them to be prepared for the leadership challenges they confront. This presentation examines the arenas of self-management, self-development, decision-making, etc. that set great leaders apart.

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